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Hushpuppi reacts to Deji Adeyanju for saying EFCC


After PDP’s former director of new media, Deji
Adeyanju stated that the EFCC should investigate
his source of wealth, Dubai-based Nigerian big
boy, Ray Hushpuppi has reacted to his statement.

Reacting to a video where the de-facto Gucci
ambassador said he will soon return Nigeria’s
citizenship, Hush wrote;
“Ps: I have done this video far long before Deji and
his foolish team of investigation that Ogun will
soon kill all of them together.

“I have been living permanently out of Nigeria for
over 8 years and have only visited just once, as I
take be problem of Nigeria I no understand, I have
never held any public office or even benefited from
my country ever since I was born, other places
where I have lived they have loved and appreciate
and catered for me more than my own people, tell
me why I no suppose return una citizenship to una?
“All the countries I have been they have never
convicted me for as little as traffic offense but the
country I send money to people wants to
investigate me, very funny useless people that just
want children of the poor to remain poor and are
intimidated and scared about them becoming great
and kick them out of power.

“Youths make una no gree for them o, don’t be
intimidated, fight back and make your voice be
heard and ur votes count. POWER TO THE
PEOPLE!!! Street ma tak
e over very soon, iyalaya


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