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How to get your life partners for a wife or a husband.  


chidi onunkwo
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02/05/2020 7:30 pm  

How to get your life partners for a wife or a husband.*
Note: this requirement is strictly for Christians who intend to marry another Christian and it also requires that the man must be working because Adam in the bible worked before God gave him Eve)

* write a least of the requirements you want in a man as a husband or a woman as wife.

* watch and pray on that least, as you pray you shine your eyes making friends & going to godly gathering.
*Start with acquaintance friendship before going to casual and then close friendships, making lots of friends with out telling them your intentions.
* The careful begin to downsize the numbers of friends as pertains to your writing list.
*As a man you must have a house but must not have so much money to get married.
* Always remember that if you wait to become a millionaire you may not get married.
*you can start marriage preparation with even N60,000 as long as you have a job and house you live in.
* In as much as you want a good man or woman as a wife or husband, you must be willing to develop your self to be that Mr or Mrs right.
*Always pray
*Do not attempt having sex, because it maybe bring distrust.
* Don’t neglect for parents marriage consent, nevertheless you can appeal by forwarding tangible facts if they don’t like your fiancée or fiancé.
* if after all these and you cannot find a husband or wife, my brother or sister go for deliverance at DC or the nearest bible believing church. 

Note: Ancestral curse or demonic interference can make a woman appear like masquerade in the eyes of a good man, and can also make a man appear like a masquerade in the eyes of a good woman. That’s why we don’t neglect the spiritual battles.