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8 story building collapsed in Owerri 30th April 2020  


chidi onunkwo
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30/04/2020 10:49 pm  

The information am getting from Professionals'in Owerri is a sad commentary of how professionalism has been relegated to the gutters. The so called project am told, has no main Contractor, but a Project Manager, a retired Military Architect, who handles direct labour supervision, while Client and his team buy materials. There is no Registered Structural Engineer, Mechanical or Electrical Engineer, but hands on guys. Their so called Consultants on the project are people that should be undergoing pupilage under Registered Professionals. Am told they were warned several times by some Owerri based Structural Engineers that the project will collapse and the Client told them to ignore such advice. The Structural Engineers tried to book appointment with the General Manager if Owerri Capital Development Authority, who himself is a politician, and also an Engineer who could not pass even NSE Exam, but wangled his way to get COREN Registration. On the appointed day, he drove off, as the Structural Engineers were driving into his office. The mission of the Structural Engineers was to request a Structural Engineering audit of a lot of unsafe development going on in Owerri. Am told there are other huge projects without credible Consultants. I have go to this length to show that we need to have a conversation on professionalism in this Country. The Political elite and their appointees have no regard for built environment Professionals and that is why they award Design Build Contracts to Contractors. It is not enough for BCPG to be waiting for a collapse, and thereafter give a situation report while people are dying. We need to have a round table discussion, first amongst the built environment Professionals, then with our Regulators, and then with the Politicians/Policymakers. Am so angry at the current situation and so, you must excuse the lengthy write up.