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The creator Man  


Mrs Amaka Onunkwo
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28/04/2020 2:38 pm  

The creator Man

Since the creation of man on earth, God will not function in your life without your corporation. That’s why God does not create anything for you with out your FAITH. (Jame 1:6), (Hebrews 11:6)

The spiritual world govern the physical world (Genesis 1:6), man is that creature that is like God, that’s why the bible says we are gods. In other words we are god packaged in flesh.

God said let us create man in our own image & likeness of God. (Genesis 1:27)

Likeness means, Functioning like God

While image means, being like God.

Note: the man that functions like God is the creator man & God has both will & imaginations.

Also what makes God, God is the Holy Spirit which God has given to his people that is the believers. The only thing that limits a believer is lack of revelation.

God’s word in your mouth is as powerful as God’s word in God’s own mouth.

God has made us a little lower than Him, that’s why we believers in Christ should not let circumstances dictate your life, you  have the power to dictate and dominate your world, ( Hebrew 2:7), (psalm 8:5-6).