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TEKASHI 6ix9ine says you can buy number 1’s on Billboard  


Mrs Amaka Onunkwo
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20/05/2020 5:29 pm  

Daniel Hernandez also know as Tekashi 6ix9ine took to his instagram to let the whole world know that Billboard is a liar and that No 1’s could be bought on billboard. He also pointed out how Jay Z & Niki Minaj expressed their feelings saying that Billboard could be manipulated, he add that GOOBA which streamed 50,330,566 was illegally cut down to 20million by billboard to become the second place on billboard chat and bringing Ariana grande STUCK WITH YOU to number one position. Daniel Hernandez wants the world to know that billboard is a cheat and a liar, he also said that he wasn’t coming at Ariana grande but that his frustration was at Billboard.