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6ix9ine speaks to ARIANA GRANDE  


chidi onunkwo
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19/05/2020 12:00 pm  

6ix9ine took to his Instagram in a video addressing ARIANA GRANDE saying that his not coming at her and that his frustration was on billboard. 6ix9ine also drew up a history of his life when growing up in Brooklyn NY on a video on Instagram he added " all am saying is i worked super hard to make it out of Brooklyn NY. I speak for the millions of kids who aren’t as fortunate as you.

The millions who weren’t fortunate to be on TV life is Real, when you’re on welfare LIfe is Real when you grow up with out a father you don’t know what that is like . You say for me to be humble......... I don’t think you know what humble is you are very talented and beautiful God bless you. But you will never understand my pain”